US health information technology and services company Ingenix has signed a merger agreement to acquire Picis, the international provider of theatre systems.

Ingenix is best known in the US for providing health analytics and consultancy services throughout the heath care system, working with almost 6,000 hospitals.

The company says that by acquiring Picis it will extend its capabilities into the high acuity information systems market.

Andy Slavitt, chief executive officer of Ingenix, said: “Tremendous opportunities exist to use information and technology to modernise the high-acuity area, delivering better care and greater efficiency to these high-volume areas of the hospital, where resource consumption is often at its greatest.

“Working with Picis’ world-class senior leadership team and talented employees, we believe we can make meaningful change in this critical segment of health care.”

The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and other closing conditions but is expected to be completed in the third quarter.

The senior management team and executive team will be retained by the Ingenix and the Picis organisation including offices in the US and Western Europe will continue to operate.

Todd Cozzens, chief executive officer and vice chairman of Picis: “Ingenix is a $1.8 billion company, which will allow us to invest and grow faster than we could have done on our own."

He added: "Ingenix is at the forefront of the era of health intelligence a key place to be amid market forces and healthcare reform that dramatically increase the need for more data-driven decision and analysis tools."

Picis has a strong presence in theatre departmental systems – also termed ‘high acuity sector’ – in the UK and has recently renewed its contract with BT, originally signed in 2006, to provide its theatre system to six trusts in London.