Doncaster and Bassetlaw NHS Foundation Trust has become the latest to roll-out single sign-on technology from Imprivata.

The trust has deployed Imprivata’s OneSign technology across more than 40 applications to improve user access to patient information and enhance security.

The implementation has provided users with a single point of secure authentication to multiple applications, led to greater accountability through audit trails, and increased the speed that end-users can access patient data.

Neil Racher, senior IT project manager, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals, said: “Security and productivity benefits have been clearly visible since the project began.

"We are now developing the roll-out to the next phase by actively engaging with the Accident & Emergency department.

“As well as improving data access from the end-user perspective, the OneSign platform also facilitates auditing capabilities which allow IT staff to track which users have accessed data and when.

"This provides huge governance benefits at a time when the NHS is making a concentrated effort at improving and securing IT access management.”

The technology, which has been delivered through Imprivata’s consultancy and implementation partner, Enline, also features Imprivata’s self service password reset feature.

This enables users to reset their password locally using secret responses to personalised questions, which in turn reduce password lock out and the burden for staff working outside of IT helpdesk hours.

Ed Gaudet, chief marketing officer at Imprivata, added: “NHS organisations are under constant pressure to advance data security while improving patient care.

"Recent scrutiny from the Information Commissioner’s Office and significant infrastructural changes to the healthcare system have made this challenge even more pronounced.

“Working closely with Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust by offering a solution which protects this valuable patient information whilst driving clinical productivity has allowed us to become a trusted technology partner, addressing the changing needs of this key healthcare provider.”

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