Anatomy is the latest discipline to embrace the iPhone, with a new app developed at Warwick University offering medical students bite-sized master classes on screen.

Professor of clinical anatomy at Warwick Medical School, Peter Abrahams, is the teacher on the app, entitled Aspects of Anatomy.

It provides 38 short teaching videos using real, plastinated prosections – specimens dissected by an experienced anatomist rather than dissections done by students themselves.

The app teaches students about the anatomy of the lungs and thorax and the arm, from shoulder to hand.

Viewers can see Professor Abrahams demonstrating the function of structures including the nerves, bronchioles and heart valves, effectively bringing medical theory to life. Short spot check tests in the app enable students to check their progress.

Professor Abrahams explained: “We’re using the technology students have in their pockets to share the teaching expertise from Warwick Medical School. Students from across the world now have the chance to virtually join my classes at a time and place which suits them.

“Technology is never going to replace good teaching, but this way, we can provide extra material using clinical cases to support their learning in a way that is accessible, timely and mobile – it really is teaching for the 21st century.”

He believes other health professionals may enter his virtual classroom too. “I see this app being incredibly useful for anyone from senior nurses to surgeons. It’s a way of refreshing your knowledge – something that’s absolutely vital in the medical profession.”

The app is available from iTunes outlets for £4.99. All profits from Aspects of Anatomy will be used to support clinical anatomy teaching at Warwick’s Surgical Training Centre.

Video clips of the app in use are available on the Warwick University website.