Fifteen trusts across NHS Yorkshire and the Humber have signed up to deploy SystmOne Clinical Record Viewer in their hospitals and emergency departments.

The CRV allows healthcare professionals working in a hospital or emergency care setting to get instant access to the SystmOne shared patient record, if the patient consents.

If no SystmOne patient record is available, the Summary Care Record can be viewed for any patient who has consented, regardless of which GP system the patient is on.

Scarborough Hospital was the first to go live with the CRV in their emergency department in January, where 80% of local GP practices use SystmOne.

Assistant chief information officer at Yorkshire and the Humber, Tony Megaw, said the CRV supports the ‘The Power of Information’ strategy of delivering secure, shared information between primary and secondary care organisations.

“This provides a powerful single and holistic source of patients’ health history, reducing the reliance on patients to provide a full account of their circumstances,” he said.

When the patient record has been accessed, messages are sent to the GP practice to instantly make them aware of an admission.

The viewer integrates with the existing trust integration engine or hospital PAS using admission, discharge and transfer messages.

This means as soon as a patient has been registered on the PAS they are also instantly registered on SystmOne, eliminating the need to register patients twice.