EHealth Insider has formed a partnership with leading US health technology research firm KLAS Enterprises.

The partnership between EHI and KLAS is designed to improve transparency and performance measures for the UK health information technology market.

The objective will be to make sure that healthcare providers and the patients they serve gain the maximum benefit from key investments, such as electronic patient records and other clinical software.

Additionally, the partnership will focus on cross-promoting the firms’ respective market intelligence services in their home markets.

EHI will cross-market KLAS reports in the UK, while KLAS will cross-market EHI research products and industry events to US-based suppliers working in the UK market.

EHI Intelligence provides detailed market intelligence data on the UK health technology sector, focusing on pinpointing market opportunities and health provider performance.

KLAS Enterprises works with thousands of healthcare executives and clinicians around the world. It gathers data on software, services, medical equipment, and infrastructure systems to deliver timely reports, trends, and statistical overviews.

Jon Hoeksma, co-founder of EHI, said: "The UK health IT market is undergoing huge change, but it lacks good, reliable performance measures, both on supplier performance and on how healthcare providers benefit from technology investments.

"The new partnership between EHI and KLAS will help advance the visibility of both and help NHS trusts make the most of their technology investments."

"This partnership allows us to further our global mission to improve healthcare through transparency in decisions," said Chris Brown, director of international research at KLAS.

"Together with EHI, we can bring about positive change to healthcare, particularly in the UK."

EHI and KLAS will also explore opportunities for jointly authored and published reports that develop UK-specific performance metrics in health IT and translate US market dynamics for an NHS and wider UK health audience.

Further opportunities for joint events will also be examined as part of this agreement.

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