Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust is deploying MSoft’s electronic blood tracking system.

Bloodhound provides a web-based, electronic tracking system that will control staff access to blood fridges and provide a bedside management system to match barcoded blood units to barcoded patient wristbands.

Nottingham is also the first NHS trust to buy MSoft’s Vital360 bedside decision support software which gives staff instant access to patient vital statistics and observation charts.

The trust’s lead transfusion practitioner, Phillippa Cheshire, said Bloodhound would improve Nottingham’s compliance with the Blood Safety and Quality Regulations 2005 and NHS Litigation Authority Standards 2012/13.

“The transfusion process will become more robust, user friendly and, most importantly, safer for the patient as a result of the implementation of electronic blood-tracking,” she added.

Matt McAlister, managing director of MSoft eSolutions, said: “Nottingham is an extremely busy trust with more than 1500 beds across its three sites and the trust has rightly recognised the importance of harnessing the very best in technology as part of its overall patient care.”

“By investing in this technology, Nottingham is ensuring that it is able to provide its patients and staff with the sophisticated, efficient, cost effective and, most importantly, secure and safe systems demanded in today’s NHS.”