System C has launched a new generation Medway electronic patient record system, which has gone live on the Isle of Man.

Medway 4 is a major re-write of the company’s existing Medway product set with enhanced clinical functionality.

Key features include built-in clinical noting and task management functionality to support workflows and care pathways, enhanced order communications and results reporting, e- Prescribing, observations and charting and improved departmental systems.

Medway 4 went live for the first time at the Isle of Man’s Noble’s Hospital last weekend following a 12-month deployment. The go-live included the Medway patient administration system, maternity, A&E and business intelligence modules.

Howard Quayle , the Isle of Man’s Minister for Health and Social Care, said it had been a smooth go-live with more than 1,200 staff trained on the new system.

"This upgrade has been a major undertaking with thousands of hours of work by staff within the Department of Health and Social Care, the Cabinet Office as well as the supplier System C”, he said.

“Medway 4 is a significant step forward in modernising the software's functionality for staff. More important, it provides opportunities for further digital services to be launched, such as electronically tracking a patient's condition, digitally managing clinical risks, electronic prescriptions and a new electronic document management system – all of which form part of Government's new digital strategy.”

The Isle of Man Government placed the contract with System C last year, as part of a multi-million pound hospital IT investment programme. The Medway hospital system is part of an integrated health and social care service, which also includes the Medway maternity system as well as social care software from Liquidlogic, a subsidiary of System C.

Ian Denley, joint chief executive of System C, described Medway 4  as a “major strategic development for System C” as it provides the platform for a range of enhanced clinical functionality.

“Major hospital go-lives like this always need careful management, particularly the first time a product is installed and we are delighted things have gone so smoothly,” he said.

There have been 22 major Medway deployment in the last five years of which 12 were delivered between November 2013 and November 2014.