This month’s mobile and app news in brief heads to the stars for its health wearables, as well as the slightly more grounded celebrations of a health app.

Space’s the limit for wearables

A health wearable has headed into the stratosphere, while being worn by astronaut Thomas Pescquet as part of the European Space Agency’s six month mission.

Insight’s BodyCap’s e-Tact wearable device, which acts as a miniature radio transmitter, went up into space this mo nth. “We’re thrilled to hear about our modules going into orbit”, says Nick Wood, Insight SiP president. “This is a perfect illustration of how our modules set the benchmark for quality in what must be the most demanding environment one can imagine”.

Doctify celebrates its second birthday

Doctify, a platform where patients can find doctors, celebrates its second birthday this year. The site allows people to review doctors, and also book appointments online.

Oliver Thomas, chief executive, said: “It’s incredibly rewarding to see the dream of Doctify being realised.” “Over the last two years, we have succeeded in disrupting the healthcare industry by transforming how patients and medical practitioners interact – providing a transparency that wasn’t there before.”

Drfocused wants to cut time on paperwork

A start-up that aims to reduce the time clinicians spend on paperwork is wanting to raise £300,000 through crowdfunding. Drfocused is a software that produces automated scheduling and safe rotas.

“Through a focus on user-centred design and really understanding the problem we have been able to help doctors reduce the amount clinical time that is spent on paperwork or wasted at a computer” explains Ellie Burgess, drfocused co-founder and Human Computer Interaction PhD candidate.

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