App developers have been invited to submit their innovations to the NHS Apps Library.

NHS Digital and NHS England are aiming to expand the library, which is currently in a test version, with hopes of having it nationally available by the end of 2018.

The library helps point patients towards trusted digital tools which have been designed to help them manage and improve health and wellbeing.

NHS Digital has recently announced that it has appointed Our Mobile Health to help assess digital healthcare apps which might be considered for the library.

The company will be in charge of ensuring potential apps meet NHS technical, clinical and safety standards.

Hazel Jones, Programme Director at NHS Digital, said: “In the future we hope to invite more third-party assessors to work with us on the assessment procedure and develop and speed up the system so that we can improve the array of apps featured on the Library.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the many developers out there that come from all sections of the market to put forward their apps for assessment.

“Being featured on the library is not only a great bonus for developers but it also helps CCGs and patients who will have the reassurance that the apps featured are evidence-based and result in positive patient outcomes.”

There are currently 46 apps in the library to help patients manage a variety of conditions such as diabetes and mental health.

You can submit your development here.