A Digital Health News poll has revealed that just under three quarters of readers feel the NHS is not doing enough to tackle the gender pay gap.

Our poll, which ended last week, revealed that only 30% of readers feel the NHS is doing enough to combat the issue.

Meanwhile, a staggering 70% believed the national health body is not doing enough.

The poll comes after it was revealed that NHS England has the largest difference between male and female pay when compared with two other main NHS bodies.

In response, NHS England said: “We will use data to explore progression rates, better understand the drivers of the pay gap, and to develop our pay strategy using analysis of new starter data to ensure salary decisions on appointment, meet our equality and diversity standards.

“We will review how we attract more women into roles such as national clinical directors which are currently mostly male.”

It also said it will look at flexible working as well as coaching and mentoring.

In a separate story, Digital Health News revealed how System C pays women more than men after it published its gender pay gap, meaning it has the smallest gap when compared to other major health IT suppliers.