Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust has deployed Citrix Workspace to help it meet the demands of being an integrated care organisation.

Citrix Workspace allows organisations to host apps and IT services on Microsoft’s Azure cloud services and deliver them to any end-point device.

In the case of Salford Royal, the deployment means that the trust will be able to host services for other health and social care partners, and share information across organisational boundaries.

It will also allow the trust to more easily tackle its upgrade from Windows 7 across its IT estate, as Windows apps and desktop functionality can be accessed through the Citrix Workspace platform.

Citrix explained that this enabled the trust to quickly stand-up or stand-down new services as they’re required. The system also provides cheaper delivery of services, as well as reducing costs by using infrastructure that is already in place – including “repurposed” legacy PCs – instead of having to for expensive new ones.

Meanwhile, a single-sign-on (SSO) system means that users within the hospital environment are able to instantly log into any available terminal with a tap of their ID card.

Because information is stored in the cloud rather than local machines, clinicians can also have their desktop sessions follow them as they move around the hospital.

Rik Wakefield, chief technical officer of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We’ve put a lot of effort into bringing our technology together. The integration and streamlining has allowed us to innovate and to really progress our digital agenda.

“The reward for me is an improved health landscape and outcomes for the citizens of Salford. Ultimately, that’s how we measure ourselves as being successful.”

Darren Fields, Citrix regional director for UK and Ireland, added: “With Citrix technology, Salford Royal’s employees can access vital data and applications on any device, anywhere.

“In addition to boosting productivity, this enables the trust to take the end-to-end public health approach required of an Integrated Care Organisation focused on providing co-ordinated care and support to citizens across social care and health services.”

Healthcare organisations are increasingly looking to the potential of cloud-based software, infrastructure and platforms.

Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust both deployed Citrix Workspace in 2017.