University Hospital Ayr in Scotland has installed the first 4K integrated theatre.

The Olympus Endoalpha theatre uses a Visera 4K ultra high definition camera to provide images four times the resolution of high definition.

This allows clinicians to operate with greater visibility and clarity, providing a fully immersive experience.

Alongside the 4K theatre the hospital, which is part of NHS Ayrshire & Arran, has also invested in the latest in surgical equipment, the Thunderbeat Type S, the world’s only instrument to integrate bipolar and ultrasonic energy.

The instrument allows surgeons to select the energy that’s most appropriate for the procedure they’re performing, reducing the need to change between multiple devices and ultimately saving time.

A touch panel has also been installed to enable surgeons to have full control over medical eq4Kuipment in the operating room.

Each surgeon can select their own preferences for a procedure, making it quicker to set up the equipment needed.

Other solutions, delivered by the hospital in partnership with Olympus, included multi-coloured mood lighting to help create a calm environment.

A new surgical scrub room, dirty facility and prep room were also installed, as well as a video link between the theatre and the hospitals teaching rooms.

Professor Majid Ali, clinical director of surgical specialities and consultant in general and upper GI surgery at University Hospital Ayr, said: “It [the theatre] means we are more appropriately equipped as a centre for training in laparoscopic surgery.

“It also enables us to teach and share medical knowledge nationally and internationally, putting NHS Ayrshire & Arran on the map.

“In addition, it will significantly improve our ability to recruit and retain high quality surgeons, theatre staff and trainees”

Susan Ward, charge nurse from University Hospital Ayr, added: “The theatre is much more comfortable and ergonomic for the surgeons and the image quality of the 4K surgical camera system is second to none.”

The Olympus team began the theatre refurbishment in September 2018.