Patients Know Best (PKB) has partnered up with HealthUnlocked to improve social wellbeing.

The partnership will allow HealthUnlocked’s eSocial Prescription capability to be integrated with PKB’s digital platform, with the aim of making it easier for healthcare professionals to offer their patients more holistic, personalised care plans in the form of a social prescription that complements clinical treatments.

eSocial Prescriptions, generated by HealthUnlocked via the GP’s or specialists clinical systems, are sent to patients as an email.

This is then mirrored in their PKB personal health record, where they can also find local resources and HealthUnlocked’s unique condition-specific online communities.

Jorge Armanet, CEO and founder of HealthUnlocked, said: “We are delighted to join forces with PKB working together to make healthcare more personalised, preventative and affordable.

“Integrating our eSocial Prescription solution into the PKB personal health records will allow us to equip patients with the right support at the right time, at an even greater scale.”

PKB’s medical portal gives patients instant access to their medical records.

It also gives them the ability to choose with whom they wish to share their medical information, and to create a digital care plan.

As well has being shared with doctors, this care plan can be seen by relatives and carers.

Previous partnerships have included Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board in Wales and  Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, which offered the PKB system to 3,200 people with inflammatory bowel disease.

Speaking about the company’s latest partnership, Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, CEO and founder of Patients Know Best, said: “This partnership will benefit our users enormously.

“It will help patients to become more actively involved in their health and make it simpler for healthcare professionals to offer more holistic forms of care as opposed to prescribed drugs which are not always needed. We’re thrilled to help steer this in the right direction.”