Stockport NHS Foundation Trust has chosen to discontinue using InterSystems for its electronic patient record (EPR).

According to Digital Health Intelligence the trust selected InterSystems’ TrakCare to provide its EPR in October 2015.

But the latest update, in April 2019, revealed the system had not yet gone live.

A spokesman for the Trust confirmed to Digital Health News: “After careful consideration, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust and InterSystems took the decision to jointly terminate the delivery of the hospital Electronic Patient Record programme.”

“We are now focusing our efforts on stabilising our existing systems, undertaking upgrades and implementing system enhancements to improve patient safety and clinical end user experience.”

It’s not known why the trust chose to discontinue using InterSystems’ software, or if another software system has been selected to replace it.

The trust was unable to comment further due to “commercial confidentiality”.

InterSystems was contacted for a comment but said it had nothing more to add.