Our latest Digital Health Intelligence Analysis piece has been published and delves into login technology in the NHS.

The latest edition follows the money and looks beyond Matt Hancock’s January 2019 announcement of £40 million for new technology to improve login times for NHS staff.

It also looks into the major players involved in login technology and the NHS trusts which have benefited from it.

The Plug-In is a monthly insight report from Digital Health that is exclusively available to subscribers of Digital Health Intelligence, previous issues have focussed on NHSX and the GP IT Futures framework.

Digital Health Intelligence provides granular-level, census-based data about the healthcare technologies across all UK NHS trusts.

This business information resource includes data about:

  • Some 70 clinical systems, their vendors and contract dates
  • Infrastructure and cyber security
  • A data toolkit to explore Market share by clinical system and the Clinical Digital Maturity Index penetration data
  • CDMI details on a per-trust basis – to reflect a trust’s digital maturity/move towards paperless
  • Supplier details: A database of some 700 vendors with details of solutions provided to each trust
  • Incisive industry reports

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