The results are in and we can reveal that more than two thirds of Digital Health News readers who took part in our poll are in favour of a mandatory minimum technology spend being introduced across the NHS.

A total of 190 people took part in our poll which asked whether readers agreed with NHSX’s plan to explore whether minimum levels of funding should be introduced in order to achieve full use of digital technology in the NHS by 2024.

Of that, 131 (69%) agreed this is the right way forward, with 31% disagreeing.

Our latest poll was prompted by an NHS England document which stated “NHSX, with NHS England and NHS Improvement, will be engaging with systems and providers to determine if there is a minimum and optimal indicative benchmark level of technology revenue spend linked to digital maturity standards that are under development, what that level might be; and how they might move towards it over time”.

It also states that NHSX will set out its approach for mandating technology, security and data standards in early 2020/21 with all systems and organisations expected to comply.