A skin checking app is to be listed on the EMIS App Library for recommendation by GPs and other primary care clinicians.

Miiskin, which supports the work of the British Skin Foundation, is the first digital health app of its kind to be listed on the library.

It was developed to help people digitally track changes to existing moles, as well as new moles and marks, using AI skin mapping to help detect early warning signs of skin cancer. It does not try to diagnose skin cancer or tell users that they are at risk, but those who do spot changes are encouraged to seek advice from their GP or specialist.

Jon Friis, founder and CEO of Miiskin, said: “We are delighted that Miiskin has been listed on the EMIS App Library for GP referral, as well as the NHS Apps Library.

“The app enables users to track their skin and present photographic evidence to clinicians if they notice concerning changes. Unlike other apps, Miiskin doesn’t aim to encourage patients to self-diagnose.”

The EMIS App Library provides clinicians with a list of high quality digital health apps that they can electronically recommend to patients directly from their existing EMIS Web workflows, enabling patients to access the right support for their specific needs.

All the apps in the library have been reviewed using NHS Digital’s Digital Assessment Questions (DAQ) framework or have been recommended or commissioned by local NHS authorities.

Suzy Foster, EMIS Health CEO, added: “There are thousands of apps available and it can be overwhelming for both clinicians and patients to know which ones to trust. The EMIS App Library helps clinicians guide their patients to high quality, critically validated apps through EMIS Web. This helps patients become more involved in their care and provide better outcomes.”