NHS Business Services Authority has deployed a case management solution powered by technology firm Tisski.

Using Microsoft’s Dynamic 365 software the cloud-based solution supposed the NHSBSA’s equipment procurement process and expense management system during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tisski’s team also embedded an omnichannel webchat and webforms to aid the NHSBSA management processes, both of which were supported by Dynamics 365 and Orlo, a social listening app used by NHSBSA to monitor social engagement relating to Covid-19.

The tech firm also transformed the authorities contact centre support function to minimise the need for intervention by customer service agents during the pandemic while the service faced a significant increase in demand.

Ian Chippindale, senior change manager for citizen services at the NHSBSA, said: “By configuring and optimising our existing Microsoft Dynamics platform, Tisski has enabled us to establish new services and capabilities that will help the organisation meet current challenges head-on.

“We’ve faced significant challenges in our capacity to handle the amount of routine contact we have received during the Covid-19 pandemic so Tisski’s ability to carry out a completely remote and agile implementation was fantastic.”

The HR Shared Services (HRSS) department which provides NHS recruitment, payroll services, employee records and HR advisory services, has also benefitted from the transformation.

The solution configured by Tisski uses robotic process automation to reduce repetitive tasks, improving the efficiency of services that previously heavily relied on a combination of human intervention, a knowledge base, telephone calls and emails.

Anna Assassa, chief executive at Tisski, added: “We’re extremely proud to be working with the NHSBSA who are a key support function for the front line NHS workforce during these challenging times.

“We’ve quickly adapted our delivery model to deliver an agile approach, 100% remotely. This is enabling us to continue delivering important transformation projects like this for our public sector clients quickly, efficiently and within budget.

“The system for the NHSBSA has delivered an immediate positive impact on performance and productivity, and we subsequently configured a number of apps on the platform to meet increased demand.”

NHSBSA supports the day-to-day running of the NHS, including the NHS pensions scheme.