NHS Business Shared Business Services has launched a new framework that could save the health service £75million.

The Digital Workplace Solutions Framework aims to help the NHS and public sector organisations procure cost-effective IT solutions.

Twenty-eight suppliers have been appointed to the framework to offer consumer-oriented technologies across a range of software and IT infrastructure.

The £500m framework is set to run until August 2022, with an option to extend to 2024.

NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) estimates it could provide savings of 15% compared to buying direct from suppliers, a potential saving of £75m.

It replaces the Link: IT Solutions Framework.

Phil Davies, director of procurement at NHS SBS, said: “It provides ease and peace of mind for organisations looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to meet their software and IT needs.

“As remote working has become commonplace due to Covid-19, the launch of the Digital Workplace Solutions Framework means public sector organisations can access technologies like VPN remote access and virtual desktops, which can be needed to mobilise home working securely and effectively.

“The framework has been carefully-negotiated to ensure it covers the widest range of infrastructure, hardware and software, whilst saving valuable time and resource for NHS and other public sector organisations.”

The framework is free to access and includes systems from servers, storage, networking, security and data centre infrastructure, to end user computing devices, desktop operating systems, enterprise software and professional services.

For more information and the full list of suppliers visit the Digital Workplace Solutions Framework website here.