South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) is to launch a digital solution which allow the public to stream video directly from their smartphones into the SCAS 999 Clinical Coordination Centres (CCC).

GoodSAM’s Instant On Scene, which has also been used by London Ambulance Service, will allow medics to see what the patient sees in just a few seconds.

SCAS’s 999 CCC staff can send a text or email message to a caller containing a link which, when clicked on, enables video to be streamed live from the caller’s smartphone directly into the CCC.

There’s nothing to download and no logins, the system works on any smartphone and on any network; its use is entirely voluntary. All data is securely transmitted with end-to-end encryption and no video is recorded, so members of the public can be absolutely confident that their information is safe.

The 999 call continues while the video is streaming with the tech helping to ensure patients are quickly assessed and given effective medical advice.

Luci Stephens, director of operations (CCC) said: “This marks the start of an exciting new chapter in patient care by SCAS. We have previously been able to resolve patients’ healthcare issues, either by the dispatch of an emergency ambulance, by referring them to other areas of the NHS to receive ongoing care or by advising them over the telephone how to manage their symptoms at home.

“Using GoodSAM’s Instant On Scene brings an additional visual layer to our well-practiced processes and procedures and this will help to ensure that our patients get the right care, in the right place and at the right time. Patient safety remains at the he art of everything we do, and video consultations will provide exceptional support in allowing us to achieve this goal”.

GoodSAM’s Instant On Scene is being rolled out as part of SCAS’s Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) programme. This initiative is supported by NHS Digital and is designed to leverage technology to improve patient outcomes and staff working practices.

Ali Ghorbangoli, technical director and co-Founder of GoodSAM, added: “Developing a highly accessible and simple to use system is central to success.

“Our products are designed specifically for emergency situations – no apps, downloads or logins are required”.”