Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with Medics.Academy to launch an online programme to teach staff about genomics.

Nucleus aims to “future proffer” the workforce for the “genomics generation”, Medic.Academy said in a statement.

Routine integration of genomics is poised to play an integral part in healthcare, from offering personalised medicine to expanding biomedical research.

Nucleus aims to meet an “unmet” clinical and educational need by bringing face-to-face training from world-leading experts at Guy’s and St Thomas’ to an online platform.

It means a wider cohort of health professionals will have access to educational tools in the field of genomics through digital content. The programme capitalises on a surge in willingness for remote learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, with further programmes expected to be launched in the long-term.

Dr Toby Garrood, clinical director for specialist ambulatory services at the trust, said: “Rapid advances in technology and understanding mean genomics is more relevant than ever before. As genomics increasingly becomes a part of mainstream NHS care, all healthcare professionals need to have a good understanding of its relevance and potential to impact the diagnosis, treatment and management of people being cared for.

“At Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the genomics revolution, as evidenced by our lead role in delivering the 100,000 Genomes Project in South London, and our contribution to the ‘Genome UK: the future of healthcare’ 2020 publication setting out the UK strategy for genomics.”

Dr Emma Cox, chief product officer at Medics.Academy, added: “Nucleus will allow members of all healthcare professions to upskill their knowledge of genomics to directly benefit patients in communities worldwide.”