UKCloud Health have launched a new initiative which aims to support and deliver the NHS’ draft data strategy.

Published in June 2021, the draft policy paper ‘Data Saves Lives: Reshaping health and social care with data’ aims to capitalise on the work undertaken using data during the pandemic to improve health and care services.

The strategy aims to break down data barriers and give patients confidence that health and care staff have up-to-date medical information, enabling clinicians to make quicker, more informed decisions to deliver better treatment.

Collating data into an easy to access system will help ensure NHS staff spend less time looking for the information they need, freeing them up to spend more time with their patients, the strategy states.

One requirement is for a data platform of multiple data sets to create greater visibility and insight.

In response to this, UKCloud Health has launched Health Cloud – a collaborative approach between UK health providers and UKCloud which aims to help hospitals and clinicians get the most from data via cloud services.

The initiative aims to make the process of data centre modernisation much easier and ultimately improve outcomes for patients.

David Price, Director of UKCloud Health said, “Many of the trusts we are speaking to have already written a digital strategy that may not include a cloud or data strategy.

“By design and based on feedback, our Health Cloud initiative is a combination of strategic engagements, agnostic cloud technologies, solutions, and partner services focused on addressing the future needs of a digital NHS. Health Cloud is delivered on the UKCloud sovereign platform, ensuring valuable data remains a national asset and its intrinsic value is delivered back to citizens in the UK.”