University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust has deployed Mindray technology to facilitate mobile monitoring for caregivers.

Mindray’s Mobile Viewer application was implemented at two of the trust’s hospitals: the Royal Derby and Queen’s Burton hospital. The technology allows users to view patient observations, along with mid/high priority alarms information. With more accessible live data, any changes in patient status are more visible which supports faster, more informed responses and a safer environment for patients.

The technology is used with the trust’s iPads with all connected patient monitoring data being captured by Mindray’s central monitoring system (CMS) server. This is then distributed to the Mobile Viewer application, with capacity for over 400 iPads to be connected.

Russel Turner, equipment library senior trainer & specialist at the trust said: “Being able to access bedside monitoring from our iPads has been useful for departments across the trust. The single room areas of our hospitals particularly like the way that all their patients are now instantly visible. With MobileViewer and CMS Viewer we’ve created a more flexible central monitoring system that is suited to our own environment and workflow.”

The trust has also installed CMS Viewer which enables authorised users to securely view the monitoring screen of any patient on the connected hospital network. It also allows users to print and review events. Patient data is kept safe with secure authorisation only allowing each department to see their own patients.

The virtual solution is helping the trust to futureproof its monitoring systems, by decreasing its dependency on physical infrastructure and implement a solution that is scalable.

At present Mindray’s solution is mainly being used in the Coronary Care Unit, the Children’s Critical Care Unit and Theatre Recovery, with plans to expand to other departments.

Turned added: “The trust already has plans to expand the system to more departments and include clinical engineering for faster diagnosis of technical issues. We’re not tied to physical workstations anymore. In future consultants may be able to print reports and view patient data from home through the trust’s VPN and Mindray’s CMS Viewer.”

Mindray was also behind the digital monitoring system used by Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust for its operating rooms to bring caregivers a full overview of each patient from operation through to recovery.