Managed service provider Redcentric plc has announced the successful delivery of the new NHS Peering Exchange Service, which allows service providers and healthcare professionals access to a variety of healthcare systems and data.

The Peering Exchange Service forms a key supply chain component within its IT infrastructure. It does this by supporting an independent network connection between the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), opening up access for professionals.

Cem Ahmet, COO at Redcentric, said: “It is an important piece of national infrastructure, and we value the trust placed in us to deliver it, so it’s with great pride that we can now announce that it’s been successfully completed.

“We enjoy a close working relationship with the team at NHS Digital and the delivery of this project demonstrates that we are a trusted partner and a ‘safe pair of hands’ with the experience, knowledge and people to safely deliver projects like the Peering Exchange for the NHS.”

A group of 20 telecommunications organisations, known as HSCN Consumer Network Service Providers (CNSPs), provide secure access to HSCN. This allows NHS customers who are using different HSCN suppliers to communicate.

Redcentric was originally awarded the Peer Exchange Service contract in 2017 and in 2021 was successful in bidding for the delivery of the replacement service, when the first contract ended.

It took 12 months for the project to be built, including the implementation of a new platform which ensured the seamless migration of all 20 CNSPs.

Patrick Clark, director of infrastructure at NHS Digital, said: “I’m delighted to confirm the successful implementation of the replacement HSCN Peering Exchange Service, which has occurred without impacting service to HSCN users.”