Wellness application Vivoo has announced the launch of a world first smart toilet clip on device that will help in the early detection of health conditions.

The smart toilet clip on device, which was launched at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, incorporates a urine strip into its seat and can be attached to existing toilets. The strip automatically moves, aligning itself with a user’s urine stream and removing the risk of mess that can result when using handheld urine strips.

The urine strip is then analysed by an optical reader contained within the seat. Thanks to extensive R&D research, Vivoo was able to mimic the optical reader used in hospitals on a much smaller scale, fitting the reader within the hollow of a toilet seat, effectively bringing the lab into users’ bathrooms.

Miray Tayfun, co-founder and CEO of Vivoo, said: “The launch of Vivoo’s smart toilet at CES 2023 is hugely exciting. The toilet is a game-changer for healthcare and caring professionals, enabling users to perform urine testing and receive personalised wellness, health and nutritional recommendations without the mess. The product will be a revolutionary tool to detect early symptoms of certain health conditions.

“The toilet’s ergonomic design – created with user-experience at its heart – coupled with the moving urine strip will allow users to conveniently receive personalised wellbeing and nutritional advice, giving them the opportunity to take control over their own health and wellness via the recommendations provided by the Vivoo App.”

The analysis of the urine strip provides results for four wellness parameters, including Vitamin C, calcium and magnesium, with details shared with the user via the Vivoo App within 90 seconds. These wellness parameters are key indications of certain deficiencies or abnormalities which can be great tools for early detection.

Based on the results of the parameters, users receive personalised advice underpinned by 7,500 scientific articles, fact-checked by doctors, dieticians, and nutritionists.

Vivoo has enjoyed great success in recent years, with its latest funding round being a $6 million Series A fundraise in June 2021, led by Draper Associates.

Tim Draper, founder of Draper Associates, said: “Vivoo leads the way to frictionlessly monitor your health. The urine strips are blowing off the shelves. I expect this new smart toilet to drive AI-driven diagnostics for the next decade.”

The smart toilet is a world first in the $38.2 billion global mobile health market, aimed at the residential caring, elderly and healthcare markets. The residential caring market has also been targeted by BT and home Group through a trial of the use of smart technology at a Scarborough care home.

Residents had their apartments fitted with a range of smart sensors to provide data that can improve the support they receive from care staff.