Wellness app Vivoo has launched a new at-home smart urinary tract infection (UTI) test at CES 2024, which will be powered by Vivoo’s deep learning image processing technology.

The new launch is set to have a huge impact for Customers with a suspected UTI. Results can be obtained in seconds, with the testing process taking just two minutes to complete. In addition, the new test is helping to digitise data and smooth the way for consumers to liaise with their healthcare providers.

The new test is powered by an app. Customers simply urinate onto a strip, then use the app to scan the analyse the test results. Using deep learning image processing technology, it gives gold-standard accuracy results, preventing any confusion in readings.

Miray Tayfun, co-founder and CEO of Vivoo, said:  “Our groundbreaking product is set to revolutionise UTI diagnosis with convenient at-home testing, empowered by our user-friendly mobile app. Vivoo goes beyond providing affordable wellness and diagnostic testing; it’s a commitment to democratising healthcare, and ensuring global accessibility. With the support of our customers and dedicated investors, we are driving innovation in software as a medical device space.”

As the data is digitalised, customers can share their results with healthcare providers via the app, enabling them to obtain a prescription if needed. It also ensures data is saved, once the instant test strip is disposed of.

Finally, customers can also access educational content in the app following their test results.

Vivvos’ new UTI test has been recognised as a CES 2024 Innovation Awards honoree. At CES 2023, the company launched its smart toilet, designed to boost the early detection of health conditions. Vivvos’ new UTI test has been recognised as a CES 2024 Innovation Awards honoree. Visitors to the Las Vegas show will also be able to view the new patient health monitoring technology for smartphones being unveiled at CES by electronRx.