Tachmed has teamed up with Doctor Now in a partnership that will see Doctor Now assist in the trials and roll-out of the Tachmed products.

The partnership will see Doctor Now help influence routes to market across the NHS and private primary care and hospital providers. The insights that are gathered during the trials will be used to inform future deployment of the Tachmed device to consumers and organisations.

In addition, Doctor Now chief executive Gary Robinson will be joining the advisory board of the at-home digital diagnostic technology company, Tachmed.

His role will include providing clinical feedback on products and services as well as collaborating with Tachmed’s research and development team to refine the technology.

Robinson said: “Tachmed’s progressive approach to healthcare will allow us to deliver test results at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional wet labs.

“In addition, point-of-care devices will provide a more efficient, fairer and faster service for patients and the wider health economy. I’m really excited to see how this technology will improve patient outcomes around the world over the coming years.”

Tachmed’s device will help to improve the efficiency of diagnosis and the subsequent treatment. It allows patients to self-test, avoiding the need for a doctor’s appointment or a wait for receiving results. Data collected by the device is then instantly delivered to healthcare practitioners for diagnosis or prescription.

Paul Christie, co-founder and chief executive officer at Tachmed, said: “There is a clear meeting of minds between Tachmed and Doctor Now, with both businesses determined to improve primary health services and deliver a digital-first operating model that’s fit for the 21st century.

“Gary will join a number of expert clinicians and scientists already working on the Tachmed advisory board, shaping our future product roadmap and the development of our technology.”

Doctor Now and Tachmed’s partnership is one of many exciting collaborations in the digital health space that have formed in the recent months.

In January, Radar Healthcare partnered with Circle Health Group, the UK’s largest private hospital group, to supply risk management and compliance software to help improve patient outcomes.