Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) has launched their simulation-based education and training (SBET) strategy that will enhance current and future workforce skills using the latest immersive and simulation-based technologies and increase patient and safety users care and safety.

The strategy, developed in conjunction with the healthcare simulation community and lay representatives, provides a strategic vision for simulation-based education that will standardise practice and build on current good practice throughout Wales.

It also builds and further develops collaborative opportunities within the simulation communities, such as the Life Sciences Hub Wales and the other nations of the UK and EU, to enrich interprofessional learning.

Sara-Catrin Cook, associate dean for simulation and clinical skills, said: “At the heart of this strategy is patient safety, patient experience and outcomes.

“It is well-known that simulation-based education and training offer’s many benefits including the ability to provide a wide range of experiences in a ‘real-life clinical situation,’ create safe conditions for learners to learn, gain confidence and prepare for the reality of working and responding to clinical situations and support the safety of patients in their care.”

Alex Howells, chief executive at HEIW, said: “The investment in simulation-based education that is continually advancing technologically is invaluable and goes beyond its benefits for learners.

“It ensures equitable access to training reaching rural and urban areas, helps our healthcare system adapt quicker to the fast-paced changes in healthcare and provides high quality care and assurance to patients now and in the future.”

The strategy is available on the HEIW website.

HEIW, a special health authority within NHS Wales, sits alongside health boards and trusts, playing a leading role in the education, training, development, and shaping of the healthcare workforce in Wales.

Digital health is at the forefront of the work NHS Wales are doing, evidence last December when it was announced they had implemented the Civica Experience Wales system, allowing all health boards and trusts in the country to collect real-time feedback from service users.