Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with cloud-native tech specialist OX.DH to support its assisted conception unit with the introduction of its solution and healthcare platform.

The solution will be used at Kingston Hospital to support patient-centric, individualised care. It is well suited to reproductive healthcare as it recognises the pathway as one that involves multiple clinicians. will drive integration, transform pathways and ultimately simplify access to services for patients.

With the new platform, patients will be able to fill out the necessary documentation online, manage their own appointments and access results through the patient portal. This helps ensure that the patient remains central to the various processes that are being undertaken and that patients are kept well-informed at every stage of treatment.

The OX.DH suite uses Microsoft Infrastructure which gives both patients and clinicians a secure, modern and intuitive experience with digitised workflows. The platform is built on Microsoft Azure with open APIs.

OX.DH chief operating officer Emma Stratful said: “We’re really proud to help people on their journey, and also to support healthcare teams in delivering their services through easy-to-use simple technology that makes a difference; the result being engaged and informed patients, with superior clinical outcomes.”

The deployment of will play a key role in supporting the trust’s strategy of delivering ‘outstanding care putting the patient first’. It will enable shared decision-making and empower patients to gain more control over their health.

John Kosobucki, OX.DH founder and CEO, said: “We are delighted to welcome Kingston Hospital NHS FT into our innovative community, and to play our role in enhancing the entire fertility pathway. The programme, along with our solutions, will accelerate digital transformation to support the best experience for patients and clinicians.”  

It’s another step forward for Kingston Hospital’s digital transformation following the 2022 launch of its Patient Portal.