A new health tech partnership between Hashiona, a Hashimoto’s thyroiditis management app, and blood testing platform Plasma by Medichecks will chart the impact of dietary intervention for people with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. 

Hashiona will be using the blood testing platform to help demonstrate the efficacy of its proprietary nutrition plan. Under its plan, users exclude lactose, gluten, sugar, soy and highly processed foods, and focus on antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods instead.  

Alongside this, a non-pharmaceutical approach is taken to manage the condition, which the company says can improve quality of life for those with the condition.  

Under the new partnership Plasma by Medichecks will supply three blood tests to Hashiona customers, to take at home every six weeks. Their results are made available in an online portal, mapping key biomarkers so they can track the progress of the dietary interventions they’re making.  

The blood tests deliver a comprehensive review of thyroid health, monitoring levels of antibodies, thyroid hormones, vitamins and iron status and inflammation.  

Hashiona is currently undergoing its second trial exploring its efficacy. Eva Galent, founder of Hashiona, said: “We’re testing thyroid biomarkers, with an emphasis on antibodies, because our aim is to demonstrate that the right dietary intervention lowers inflammation in the body among Hashimoto’s patients.  

“We believe that a specialised diet and holistic approach can offer a lifeline for those with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.” 

Medichecks launched the Plasma platform earlier this year, offering customisable packages for hassle-free blood testing that can be rolled out quickly. Its diagnostics-as-a-service solution is available to NHS providers and GPs, as well as pharmacies, nutritionists and digital health companies.  

Helen Marsden, co-founder and director of Plasma by Medichecks, added: “This is a good example of where our Plasma platform can help, offering Hashiona a trusted diagnostics partner to deliver remote blood testing to its customers, to reliably monitor how the body is reacting to a specialised diet.”