My Menopause Centre has teamed up with pathology platform Medichecks to provide its patients with access to a range of blood tests to support the appraising of their potential health risks.

Since it launched in 2021, My Menopause Centre has been providing women with access to a website with free, evidence-based information and advice, a free menopause questionnaire that includes a personalised menopause assessment, education events and a menopause clinic with expert doctors and nurses.

It has also joined forces with Medichecks, which is providing My Menopause Centre patients with diagnostic testing, through its inventory of finger prick or venous health checks.

The simple blood tests can be used to help assess a baseline testosterone level and monitor it going forward. It helps the team to assess a patient’s potential health risks, to empower women with the knowledge needed to access the right help.

Medichecks has established relationships with UKAS-accredited laboratories and access to nationwide phlebotomy clinics. This means My Menopause Centre patients are not tied to a specific clinic to access blood tests. Instead, they can find a clinic near to them, or in some cases carry out a finger prick test from their own home or have a phlebotomist visit to carry out the test at home.

Dr Clare Spencer, co-founder of My Menopause Centre and GP, said: “…we primarily use Medichecks’ tests to get a fuller picture of the person’s overall health and observe how any hormone deficiencies or problems – such as thyroid anomalies – may be impacting symptoms.

“Blood testing is one piece of the puzzle. Every treatment plan we devise is bespoke to the patient and is founded upon conversations with them and understanding their lifestyle, health, menstrual cycle, use of contraceptives and other concerns or symptoms.”

In the early stages of the partnership with Medichecks the pathology platform’s doctor’s reporting system was used. Now, My Menopause Centre completes its reporting in-house, as they have the patient clinical detail that allows them to interpret the blood results in the context of their symptoms.

It has been less than a year since Medichecks unveiled its new pathology platform, which helped boost capacity for blood test diagnostics.