KareInn has integrated with Camascope, in a move that will allow medicine administration and the recording of care delivery within KareInn’s digital care planning system.

Camascope is an Electronic Medicine Administration Records (eMAR). Its platform enables two-way pharmacy and care home communication, showing whether prescriptions have been processed or are out for delivery.

The new integration will allow medicine administration and the recording of care delivery to be in sync for residents within the KareInn digital care planning system.

Care providers will be able to automatically populate the KareInn Medication table with the type of medication, dosage and administration instructions. Care home residents will be matched in each system, with information then shared in real-time to ensure both systems have the same capture of notes.

Kate Colborne-Baber, managing director at KareInn, said: “The integration will help to improve medicine compliance and reduce errors by alerting care home staff to potential missed medicines.

“The integration will further position KareInn as the next generation in digital care planning and care home software, giving residential care providers a 360-degree view of their care homes.”

Additionally, the care home software will display whether or not the medication was offered, taken, refused or whether the resident was away from the home or sleeping. This will help build an accurate view of the resident’s experience on that particular day.

Care providers will be kept up-to-date on the medications recorded in Camascope, thanks to real-time data updates that are mirrored onto the KareInn system. When a medication is recorded in Camascope it will also be posted as an update in real-time to the KareInn timeline, as well as appear in the resident’s care plan.

Kehan Zhou, CEO at Camascope, said: “The collaboration between Camascope and KareInn marks our third integration with care planning systems.

“Integrating electronic Medicine Administration Records with Care Planning Systems empowers care providers to deliver superior, more compliant care to residents, furthering our mission to make care accessible.”

Earlier this year KareInn was included in NHS England’s Digital Social Care Records Assured Supplier list, helping the care industry achieve its digital targets.