Careology’s digital cancer care platform is being implemented by LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare to support its oncology patients and ensure patients can access support quickly from the oncology nurse specialist team.

The platform includes a centralised triage system, which will enable nurses to promptly assess patients to determine their specific needs for enhanced support or urgent medical attention.

Using this system opens up access to the specialist team for all patients, who will be less dependent on the conventional hospital communication channels or physical visits for assessments.

Careology will allow patients to navigate their treatment in a digital-first way, as well as provide reassurance between appointments. It allows patients to track their symptoms, such as pain and nausea, and their vital signs through wearable devices or within the Careology app.

LloydsPhamacy hopes that this will lead to few cancer patients needing to attend A&E and a community-focused way of managing symptoms.

Natalie Bingham, lead cancer nurse at LloydsPharmacy, said: “We know this will be an important tool for both our patients and staff. Patients can now make direct contact with oncology nurses who are able to assess their symptoms and offer advice instantly, helping nurses across LPCH prioritise patients needing urgent care to ensure faster escalations for any clinical interventions.

“It will also help alleviate patient anxieties between appointments and give them peace of mind, which is fundamental to supporting them throughout their cancer journey.”

The solution also uses Careology’s remote monitoring technology, allowing LloydsPharmacy to deliver a 24/7 service with direct access to its team.

The partnership between the two organisations will also see all oncology patients being given access to the Careology app from this month. This will become a central element of their care and be embedded into the daily clinical pathways and processes across LloydsPharmacy.

The inbound triage line will be accessible within the Careology app, enabling nurses to work more efficiently by identifying and prioritising patients who need the most urgent help. By doing so, clinical resources are directed to where they are most needed, easing pressure on healthcare systems.

Using the data gathered from patients through the Careology app, LloydsPharmacy will be able to learn more about their care needs and primary symptoms to build a more comprehensive bank of resources for them to access via the app.

Paul Landau, CEO and founder of Careology, said: “This new model of care helps patients feel better supported and connected to their oncology nurses not just during appointments but also when they’re at home. This is crucial to the wellbeing of patients and transforming traditional cancer care using technology…

“And the best part is, these models will have a far-reaching impact on healthcare providers around the world.”

LloydsPharmacy is not the first organisation to pair with Careology. In September last year, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust also rolled out the Careology platform to its patients.