Digital therapy platform HelloSelf has been supporting the NHS to significantly reduce its mental health waiting lists – with 98% of patients using the platform being assessed within 24 hours and seen by a therapist within two weeks.

Before the partnership with HelloSelf, NHS patients were waiting up to three months before they were able to see a therapist.

Demand for mental health support has expanded exponentially, and waiting lists are continuing to expand. The collaboration between the platform and the NHS is helping to enhance the overall patient experience by delivering speedy assessments and access to a therapist much earlier.

Dr Rumina Taylor, chief clinical officer at HelloSelf, said: “HelloSelf recognises the invaluable contributions of our NHS colleagues and the challenges they face, especially during the winter months. Our goal is to be a supportive partner in accelerating access to high-quality, safe and effective psychological therapy for their patients. Working with health providers and insurers, HelloSelf reduces pressure on mental health services and improves national recovery rates by providing clinicians with psychological tools and shortcuts that result in better care and better outcomes.”

HelloSelf uses a secure video platform that works by connecting patients with a team of expert psychologists and CBT therapists. This allows them to access 1:1 therapy sessions and a personalised SelfPlan.

In addition, they gain 24/7 access to AI-backed health tools and activities recommended by their therapist. This facilitates patients to continue to build on their progress between sessions.

The combination of video therapist appointments and digital health tools powered by AI, is helping to make therapy accessible and more efficient, helping to drive down waiting lists.

Charlie Wells, CEO at HelloSelf, added: “HelloSelf’s mission is to give everyone access to the personalised psychological advice that they need. We want to help make Every Self Better. We are proud of the outcomes we have achieved with the NHS and those who trust our network, and we are excited to see how big an impact we can make by working with trusts to reduce waiting lists.”

HelloSelf’s non-executive director, Juliet Bauer, was one of the panellists at last October’s Digital Health AI and Data Conference, where she spoke about what the future held for AI healthcare start-ups.