A new web-based e-learning service which promises to helps medical students learn faster and get better exam results has been launched in the UK.

Developed and produced by UK firm Mindwarp Pavilion , the e-learning tool is said to allow medical students to use simple mind mapping techniques to revise chosen subjects on-line.

Mindwarp’s technology is claimed to enable students to review several hours’ worth of reading material in a matter of minutes. It also allows students to continuously test themselves on their chosen subject and benchmark progress against their peer group.

Mind maps are an accelerated learning technique that use a series of headings and sub headings that branch out like a family tree. Each separate heading is designed to trigger the memory bank to recall information stored there.

“Mindwarp technology offers medical students a new, legitimate way of taking the answers into the exam hall. It’s not cheating – but some might say it’s the next best thing,” said Dr Danny Ruta, Mindwarp’s CEO and a former senior lecturer in medicine.

The Mindwarp website provides subscribers with access an on-line library of some of the most commonly used medical textbooks in UK higher education.

Mindwarp Pavilion says medical students using the Mindwarp method will be able to revise more quickly, cheaply and effectively than any other study technique, transferring much more information from their textbooks into their long term memory.

In addition to leading medical textbooks, mapped titles are also available in Nursing, Psychology, Psychotherapy and Biology.