The two largest primary healthcare software suppliers in Ireland have merged their systems, meaning that 60% of GPs – a total of 4000 – will be using software from the same company.

Medicom Medical Solutions, the largest primary care software supplier in Ireland, has purchased the GP Clinical from Quantum Healthcare Informatics, who will now concentrate developing software in occupational health and dentistry and developing their international profile.

Andrew Macfarlane, Managing Director of Quantum said: "I am on record as stating that the healthcare ICT sector here in Ireland needs to consolidate. This announcement is a major step in that direction and we view it as a very positive development for GP Clinical users and our stakeholders."

In a briefing to GP Clinical users from the Medicom’s CEO, the company promised that they will review pricing by visiting each individual practice using GP Clinical, and also abolish charges for practices for receiving electronic laboratory results, in order to "accelerate and encourage the roll out of this important electronic messaging innovation in areas that are not currently enjoying this valuable feature that saves considerable administrative time and effort."

Although the GP Clinical system will continue to be supported for a while, the intention is that it will be phased out over two years, and replaced with Medicom’s Dynamic GP product suite. "Literally hundreds of GPs have gone through this process already," assured the briefing.

Medicom’s Dynamic GP system includes a configurable appointment system, prescribing, reporting and vaccination modules, and notification of drug allergies and interactions.