The joint venture between outsourcing and technology specialists, Xansa ,and the Department of Health which offers shared finance and accounting services has attracted 22 NHS organisations since it started work.

Xansa’s annual report says that since the joint venture, NHS Shared Business Services, was announced in October 2004, the number of NHS organisations using the financial and accounting service has risen from 35 to 57.

A spokesman said the rise was ‘in line with expectations’ of about one new client per week. The NHS has a total of 663 organisations.

The annual report says: “Our business plan assumes we will secure around half the organisations within ten years. We also have the opportunity to broaden the range of services we can offer from NHS SBS and are exploring future options.”

NHS SBS operates from Leeds and Bristol offering financial and accounting services which save NHS organisations setting up their own local structures. The shared services proposition offers guaranteed savings, reduced capital spending and ‘best in class’services.

Xansa’s report shows an increasing focus on the provision of services for the public sector with revenues growing by 36% from £33.2 to £45m between 2003-4 to 2004-5.