Julio Bou Santos, managing director of iSoft Spain
Julio Bou Santos, managing director of iSoft Spain

IBA Health has appointed Julio Bou Santos as the new managing director of iSoft Spain, replacing Katrina Diaz who left the company in January.

He will be assisted by Antonio Castillo, appointed as deputy managing director, in charge of expansion in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Bou Santos was previously iSoft Spain’s deputy managing director, has over 25 years of experience in the technology sector and an extensive track record in healthcare IT. Castillo was previously operations and development director for iSoft Spain and has been with the company since 2005.

Bou Santos said: “iSoft Spain will continue to grow and develop under the umbrella of our parent company IBA Health Group. We will continue to develop in a steady and constant manner, undertaking initiatives that satisfy market needs and strengthen our communication with this market, our clients and our network of local and international collaborators,”

Recent projects by iSoft Spain include deployments of its x-HIS hospital information system in Portugal’s Espirito Santo Saúde (ESSAUDE) private healthcare group.


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