DeJarnette Research Systems has announced the receipt of its first European legacy PACS data migration purchase order.

The 500,000 study migration is being performed by one of the company’s international channel partners, using DeJarnette’s PACSware Migration Gateway toolkit.

Already the toolkit has been used by DeJarnette and its channel partners to migrate nearly 200 North American legacy PACS over the past seven years.

The toolkit supports functionality which allows for premigration worklists to be generated based on numerous criteria, post-migration incremental migration worklists, migration scheduling to minimise interference with daily clinical operations, multi-migration engine operation to speed migration, DICOM data clean-up (of the legacy data) and data verification.

A new PACSware Migration Gateway v3.0 toolkit is currently under test and scheduled for commercial release in the 2nd quarter of 2008. The new version of the toolkit will support both improved DICOM based migration as well as direct file copy based migrations.

Matthew Condron, the company’s international program manager said: “This is another step in bringing DeJarnette’s PACSware products to the European market. We anticipate achieving the same or greater level of acceptance of DeJarnette’s products as we have experienced in the US market.”