Gemotest, a Moscow-based private laboratory group, has signed a deal with iSoft to deploy the LabCentre laboratory information system.

The system is to be installed initially at Gemotest’s main laboratory in Moscow this year.

At the main laboratory, 50 of the group’s 100 staff process 10,000 specimens a day. LabCentre will be integrated with 16 analyser systems to optimise workflows, improve specimen control and increase efficiency, helping to ease the pressure on Gemotest’s staff.

iSoft will initially install the clinical laboratory module of LabCentre, followed by the microbiology module. If successful, Gemotest willl then install it at other laboratories across Russia. The company plans to establish a further six laboratories in Russia within two years.

In a statement, iSoft said: “An important factor for Gemotest is that LabCentre is already proven in Russia. The system is used by KDL Test, a private laboratory chain, at its laboratories in Moscow, Omsk, Perm, and Krasnodar. The high degree of flexibility and scalability were also key as the system is easily configured to specific customer needs and processes.

“Russia is a key market for iSoft and the company sees huge potential for its range of laboratory, radiology and hospital information systems. The market is currently worth US$2 billion a year but is growing at a rate of 15% annually. Russia’s ‘National Health Programme’ includes US$1.7 billion for 15 new specialised health centres.”

LabCentre is a graphical user interface based system, encompassing clinical laboratory, blood group serology, product depot, as well as blood donation and microbiology operations.

The Laboratory Information Centre module also provides a communication service for placing orders and transmitting results, for example, to the ward or outpatients department.

iSoft say that by using this integrated system, clinicians have access to a central databank to find patient information, and requests for examinations can be made on a common form.

Andrea Fiumicelli, iSOFT’s chief operating officer, said: “The agreement with Gemotest is an important step in our expansion strategy in Russia. This is a relatively immature market, but our early involvement will pay dividends in the long run.”