Three German procurement associations have banded together to launch a new e-tendering system called ‘eVergabe’, which has been developed by the Hessian software provider Healy Hudson.

Like many other public authorities, hospitals often have to carry out European wide tenders. Furthermore, they have to operate increasingly economically without letting the quality of their work suffer.

Because of that, the three German procurement associations, Comparatio Health GmbH, EKK eG and P.E.G. eG, agreed on a joint business solution for their electronic tendering needs.

In total, the three procurement associations represent 507 acute care hospitals with a total of over 160,000 beds.

The associations chose the eVergabe e-tendering solution from the Healy Hudson GmbH, only after extensive testing and evaluation. It is claimed that the system is the first e-tendering-solution for the healthcare sector in Germany.

"With eVergabe, all tenders of the members will be published on a central platform and free of charge. The autonomy of the individual procurement associations remains unchanged, since the system administers them as single clients", says Pascal Patronidis, director public sector at Healy Hudson.

In addition to the three procurement associations the German health firm e.log Einkauf und Logistik GmbH, has also selected Healy Hudson to provide an electronic tendering platform. E.log aims to provide an interface between hospitals and suppliers, optimising the procurement processes between them.

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