The US recession has forced more than half of the nation’s hospitals to either scale back or postpone IT projects, according to an April survey by the American Hospital Association.

The survey found 28% of 1,078 respondents had scaled back IT projects already in progress, while 27% had shelved planned projects. A further 6% had canned IT projects already under way.

On clinical technology, 34% reported not moving on planned projects, 32% scaled back projects already underway and a further 6% canned projects already under way.

Despite reporting taking a range of measures to cut costs, seven of 10 hospitals reported a decline in overall financial health that will impact their ability to care for their communities.

The latest survey echoes a January survey by AHA, in which the majority of respondents reported capital projects being shelved or scaled back, due to their inability to obtain funds to upgrade their facilities and invest in new clinical and information technologies.

The AHA’s second survey about the economic downturn’s impact on patients and community hospitals, was sent to all 4,946 community hospitals in March.


AHA Survey