Siemens Healthcare and Impac Medical Systems have extended their cooperation agreement for information systems for oncology.

Under the latest agreement, Siemens will offer the Mosaiq software as its next generation oncology information system (OIS). Customers using its Lantis software, the OIS currently sold by Siemens, will have the option of upgrading or continuing to use their original system.

Siemens will extend service support and application training for its customers to include Mosaiq.

Impac, part of the Swedish Elektra Group, provides software solutions that streamline clinical and business operations, specifically across cancer care.

The firm’s Mosaiq software provides an image-enabled electronic medical record for oncology that allows documentation of patient data, from diagnosis to therapy. It also allows clinical images, lab results and external documents to be integrated.

The agreement between Siemens and Impac has been extended several times since it was originally made in 1992. The latest contract includes an extension of Impac’s software distribution agreement until 2016 and the addition of Impac’s Mosaiq software to Siemen’s oncology portfolio.

Jay Hoey, Impac president and chief executive officer, said: “We are pleased to partner with Siemens and look forward to continuing a long and mutually beneficial relationship. We are certain Mosaiq will assist clinicians to efficiently manage even the most demanding workflows in oncology enabling our customers to deliver the best possible patient care.”

Siemens and Impac will also collaborate to develop interfaces between Mosaiq and Iontris, Siemens particle therapy solution, eventually making it possible to use them together.

Holger Schmidt, chief executive officer, oncology care systems at Siemens Healthcare, said:

“We have maintained a very successful partnership with IMPAC since 1992 in the area of oncology information systems.

“In addition to cooperating on the development of interfaces for our systems for photon and electron radiation therapy, we are now working together in particle therapy. We are confident we will be able to offer our customers sustainable oncology systems which help them to optimize workflows and master the daily challenges of the hospital routine.”



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