Alert Life Sciences has announced several successful implementations in its home country of Portugal.

Earlier this month, the Basic Emergency Services (BES) at the Lisboa Norte Hospital Complex, in Santo António dos Cavaleiros in Loures, went live with Alert’s UBU solution.

The implementation at the hospital complex, which sees around 300 patients a day, enables the computerisation of the clinical records in Loures and the exchange of information between the service and Santa Maria Hospital in Lisbon – a facility that has been working with Alert since 2006.

The solution will allow any patient visiting Santo António dos Cavaleiros who needs further care at Santa Maria Hospital to have all of their clinical information, regarding an episode or previous episode at any of those emergency services, documented and available in the BES.

The BES was inaugurated in September by the Portuguese Minister for Health. It processes emergency episodes 24 hours per day and covers the Loures and Odivelas councils, which total around 300,000 patients.

Alert also implemented its pharmacy and supply chain management module (PSCM) of Alert ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in the local healthcare unit (LHU) of Guarda in Portugal at the beginning of November.

The LHU integrates two facilities, Sousa Martins Hospital in Guarda, and Nossa Senhora da Assunção Hospital in Seia.

According to the company, the PSCM module of Alert ERP provides allows the units to effectively manage the purchase, storage, distribution and consumption of all hospital products.

During the initial stage of implementation, the application will enable Guarda’s LHU to manage pharmacy products, however in the later stages the LHU will be able to manage all types of products.

Personal digital assistants will also be used for tasks such as receiving, picking, delivering and consumption, in order to make the whole product distribution chain more agile.

The company has also signed a contract with the North Metropolitan Health Service in Chile to implement its scheduler and referral solutions, which will support scheduling, referral and counter-referral processes within the service.

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