ISoft has completed the implementation of Lorenzo 3.5 across all surgical departments at St Jansdal Hospital in the Netherlands.

The hospital went live with the latest release of the system last week following an 19 month implementation project to become the first Lorenzo site in the Netherlands.

The system, which is referred to as “Lorenzo clinicals” is similar to the Lorenzo Regional Care system being implemented in the UK under the National Programme for IT but is not built to the specifications.

The release provides the hospital with the functionality for patient management, results reporting, requesting and advanced clinical data capture for 96 nurses and ten surgeons.

The hospital is also working with iSoft to develop applications for Apple’s mobile devices to allow nurses to transfer patient information such as temperature and pulse directly into Lorenzo electronic patient record.

Peter Herrmann, managing director of iSoft Central Europe, said: “St Jansdal is a pioneer in the use of healthcare information technology so is a valuable partner in several innovative projects with iSoft. The cooperation and confidence between both parties is of great importance to us in the development of future-proof products, nationally and globally.”

iSoft has also completed the roll-out of its GP Viewer portal to 67 GPs in the local community to view patient records as well as laboratory, radiology and pathology reports at the hospital at Harderwijk.

The portal enables GPs to securely view records and reports and allows them to make direct entries to the relevant results of medical tests of their patients in real-time via a web browser.

Elsewhere in the Netherlands, iSoft has connected four hospitals to the National Connection Point (LSP), via its Transmural Medication Viewer (TMV), to share complete patient medication histories across the country.

It has connected St Jansdal, Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital, Antonius Hospital Sneek, and Zorggroep Noorderbreedte, to the TMV, which gives healthcare providers a full and up-to-date profile of medications, regardless of where in the Netherlands the medication was administered.