The ZigBee Alliance, a global network of firms creating wireless solutions, has published a new healthcare profile, use of which could help spur the development of telemedicine.

The Alliance says that the new healthcare profile will help foster innovation in telemedicine to help people lead independent healthy lives, while also lowering healthcare costs.

The new healthcare standard is said to meet the diverse requirements of consumers, service providers, care providers, payers, product manufacturers and policymakers.

ZigBee Health Care provides a global, open standard for interoperable, low-power wireless devices enabling secure monitoring and management of noncritical, low-acuity healthcare services targeted at chronic disease management, elderly care, wellness, in-patient and asset tracking.

The standard supports thousands of devices on a single network and provides full support for IEEE 11073 devices, making each device eligible for FDA certification.

“ZigBee Health Care provides a wide variety of remote and wireless health monitoring services that can inspire everyone to take a more active role in their own wellness and fitness,” said chairman Dr Robert Heile.

“Wireless products based on ZigBee Health Care will enable people to get the care they need without sacrificing their independent lifestyles and mobility.”

In June 2009 the Continua Health Alliance, the leading non-profit coalition of major healthcare and technology companies in the industry, endorsed ZigBee Health Care as Continua’s low power local area network standard.

Continua recommends ZigBee Health Care for sensing and control in professional settings, homes, recreation centres and across large campuses as it offers secure, robust, battery-efficient wireless connectivity for patient activity and facilities monitoring while delivering the freedom of wireless operation outside of buildings.

In addition, ZigBee is a proven low-power technology that coexists with other wireless technologies, including wi-fi. ZigBee Health Care products are designed for use within homes, fitness centres, retirement communities, nursing homes and other medical care facilities.

The ZigBee Alliance and the American Telemedicine Association are currently working together to educate both health care professionals and consumers on the benefits of telecommunications technologies.

ZigBee is the global wireless language connecting dramatically different devices to work together and enhance everyday life.

The ZigBee Alliance is a non-profit association of more than 340 members driving development of ZigBee wireless technology. The Alliance promotes world-wide adoption of ZigBee as the leading wirelessly networked, sensing and control standard.


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