CSC has announced that it will provide its electronic prescription system across Europe, following successful implementation in Denmark.

EPrescription will provide clinicians, pharmacies with a single view of the patients’ medication profile, eliminating administration processes associated with dealing with prescriptions manually therefore improving operational efficiency and auditing processes.

Freddy Lykke, managing director of the CSC Healthcare Solution Centre, said: “Having worked with the Danish National Board of Health and Danish hospitals and Home Care Solutions, and having deployed ePrescription solutions for the last seven years, our proven solution aims to provide other countries with a fast-track, cost-effective way of achieving the same ‘best practice’ results.”

The system is based on CSC’s Opus Medication solutions and Home Care Solution, CSC VITAE suite, which interfaces with a national repository of prescriptions developed by the Danish National Board of Health.

However, CSC will adapt all three components and develop different implementation strategies to fit different countries needs.

According to CSC, the web based system, which is built on international standards, enables the secure access and transmission of prescriptions between both national healthcare organizations and European healthcare systems.CSC say it is epSOS, IHE and HL7 standards and provides a centralised repository and shared medication files it also supports delivery through clinical portals.

The company said that benefits of the system will include a reduction in medication and administration errors, increased patient safety, more accurate and faster access to prescription information and the availability of medication profile and decision support across healthcare organizations.

Lykke added: “We believe we are the first company to offer such a solution that is applicable for all European countries, whatever the level of maturity of its healthcare service delivery infrastructure.”