CSC has become one of the first software providers in Europe to receive certification from EuroRec, an organisation dedicated to promoting high quality electronic health record systems.

The company was awarded the certification after it passed a series of performance criteria set by the non profit organisation.

Freddy Lykke, managing director of CSC’s European healthcare solution centre, said: “EuroRec is driving standardisation in EHR systems and CSC believes that this is a crucial step forward for the industry.

“We feel that common standards, which allow the performance of each vendor’s software to be measured and compared, are useful means through which vendors like CSC can demonstrate that EHR systems perform as described.”

The criteria include medication management, care planning, alerts, notification and reminders, patient demographic serves, findings and results documentation.

Lykke added: “The days where one company can develop an entire healthcare solution are over, as our industry is now centered upon vendors collaborating and combining strengths.

“It is crucial that we have a body driving standardisation to ensure that each company contributing to the overall solution can be confident it is working with partners who are providing software to the same high standards.”

Links: EuroREC