CSC has signed a deal with the Zealand region in Denmark for its OPUS Speech Recognition solution.

The deal will see ten hospitals take the system, alongwith SpeechEditor from Danish subcontractor and CSC partner Max Manus, which integrates dictated notes into a patient’s electronic record.

To access the system, clinical staff enter a unique security password that also provides access to the patient’s electronic record.

As they verbally update the record, the notes are automatically transcribed and can be read back once completed.

The technology can cope with regional variations in accent and CSC says it becomes increasingly attuned to individuals’ voices over time.

Freddy Lykke, managing director of the CSC Healthcare Solution Centre, said: “Having accurate, up-to-date patient records is critical for improving patient safety and the quality of care.

"As this technology works instantly, it can help to ensure this process. We are also confident that this new solution will ease the administrative burden on the region’s healthcare clerical teams.”

The system works with existing standards for electronic records. A patient’s centrally stored medical record can be updated and approved by any trained healthcare professional.

The information can then be shared with each of the other four healthcare regions across Denmark.

The system is being trialled in four departments within separate hospitals in the Zealand region. The software will then we rolled out in four departments each month with completion expected by the end of 2011.

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