Interoperability workflow specialist Carefx and Cerner have announced a partnership to provide UK healthcare organisations with integrated portal and health information exchange tools.

The announcement of the partnership for the UK market follows Carefx’s recent deal with West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust to build a clinical portal using its Fusionfx product.

The Cerner Carefx UK collaboration builds on five years success in the US, that has resulted in streamlined access to clinical data that is generally distributed across multiple systems. The firm’s are now offering the same joint approach to UK organisations.

The partnership links clinical portal solutions with electronic patient records and applications to provide access to patient data faster and more efficiently for clinical staff.

The approach is said to use open components and data standards to connect rather than replace existing IT systems within hospitals.

According to Cerner and Carefx this approach will result in better care coordination and communication to improve clinical outcomes, reduce duplication and waste.

The Cerner Clinical Exchange Platform (CEP) is used to access patient data across disparate systems and organisations to create an aggregated, longitudinal view of a patient record, capable of managing a wide variety of clinical records and document types.

Cerner Vice President and general manager for UK and Ireland, Alan Fowles said: “The Coalition Government’s recent White Paper has signalled the start of an information revolution. More so now than ever before, the future of healthcare will rely upon accurate and timely access to good information.”

Wayne Parslow, Executive vice president and general manager EMEA for Carefx, said: "We are extremely excited to be working with Cerner to expand the benefits that can be delivered to clinical organizations through greater integration of clinical applications and data into staff workflows."